Speaking Requests


As a Minister of the Gospel, Romans 8:19 is at the heart of my speaking.  The world is in dire need of those who will bring hope and respite to the relentless challenges we all face. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see Christians living radically bold and courageous lives in the face of life issues.  

From out of personal lessons learned soaking up the Word to help me navigate life, I share messages of hope from what God has taught me.  Watching people make the connection that brings about revolutionary life transformation is such a thrill!  

Through my story, processes and triumphs, I share lively words that will touch hearts and inspire personal journeys into transformation.  When you know your rights and privileges, who you are, nothing, no one can stop you from succeeding and making a difference in this world.

Bosede Santos was the speaker for our November Calgary Aglow meeting. We sensed the anointing of the Holy Spirit as she shared a powerful healing testimony along with a challenge to walk in tenacious faith.   Our group was encouraged and powerfully ministered to and also received prayer ministry as they were invited to come forward.  I know Bosede hears from the Father and has an understanding of the times and seasons we are living in. I also know that she lives her life in the revelation of the Truths she shares with others and  I would, without hesitation, recommend  her as a speaker, whether to a ladies’ events or a mixed audience.

Lena Kowalski

President, Calgary Aglow Lighthouse


Speaking Topics

Here are a few of the topics I speak on.  I’m happy to tailor my talk to suit the purpose of your event.

I deliver real depth with simplicity to help people connect with the heart of the Word. I love digesting the Word and by inspiring hope in their hearts, I help my listeners lay hold of its vital force.

My greatest joy is to experience someone connecting with the truth as a result of my words.  Seeing the transformation this brings to their life is priceless!  Life is challenging enough, we all need hope for the journey. Injected with huge doses of humor and reality, we will laugh, cry, exhale, get God’s perspective on life, and leave with wings to fly for the next leg of the journey.  Your attendees will be glad they showed up!

  • WHO AM I?

In a world where many are struggling with their identity, in one form or the other, this is all about fully comprehending our identity in Christ.  Understanding our benefits and who we are in Christ equips us with the boldness and courage we need to succeed in life and make God attractive to the onlooking world.  When you know who you are in Christ, you live with purpose, bringing God’s Kingdom to bear on the earth.


Many are struggling with the feeling of hopelessness, and are being unduly defeated in a world full of challenges because they fail to see a way out of logjam situations.  Drawing from the story of Daniel and the 3 Hebrew boys, hope is revived as God showed up when it appeared like all was lost.


One of the greatest lies and tactics of the enemy is to install strongholds of unworthiness in our lives. Spinning the yarn of ‘not enough’ when the ‘More Than Enough’ says we are!  Unfortunately, Satan, the god of this world, exploits people’s weaknesses and instigates meanness amongst people. Both the woman at the well and the one caught in adultery, help us encounter the God whose love lifts us up and gives us a place of honor.